ZAFUL Adds New Security, Payment Options

china cybersecurity environment

Global online discount apparel marketplace ZAFUL, based in China, recently announced new upgrades to its payment protocols and SSL checkouts to boost the security of its eCommerce system and grow confidentiality for its individual shoppers.

The upgrades come as consumers more than ever are concerned with the security of online shopping platforms they use.

“We are always looking to enhance the shopping experience for our customers,” said ZAFUL Operations Director Sara Lau. “These new upgrades make it easier to shop and also offer more payment options.”

In addition to payments security upgrades, ZAFUL has added local payment options in its Brazilian, Spanish and Arab markets in part to meet the idiosyncratic payment cultures in each country and region.

“We get a lot of good feedback from customers about how shopping can be made easier,” Liu said. “Since we ship our items all over the world, it’s hard to know what works best in every country. So we appreciate the information from shoppers and try to accommodate them the best we can.”

For Brazilian customers, the company recently added the option to choose to pay in a variety of installment plans. In Brazil, paying in installments is a standard practice for physical and online retailers alike. Likewise, ZAFUL is offering cash on delivery for customers in the Arab markets it serves, again a common practice even for online shoppers in the region.

And while the addition of PayPal as an online payment option on ZAFUL’s eCommerce site in Spain isn’t linked to entrenched consumer behavior in the nation of over 45 million, it does a modicum of convenience for online shoppers.