Shopify Boosted By Amazon Deals

If a company in the eCommerce space is looking to make some headway, it couldn't do much better than partnering with Amazon.

It's certainly a practice that Shopify has done well by, with Fortune reporting that the Canada-based creator of online retail software is on pace to reach revenue of between $337 million and $347 million — 5.2 percent higher than its previous estimate — and key to that expansion is Shopify's relationship with Amazon.

Since first partnering with the eCommerce giant in September 2015 (when Shopify helped Amazon sellers transition off of the site's now-defunct Web store), the continued relationship through which Shopify clients have the option of making sales through Amazon, attests Fortune, has played a large part in Shopify's revenue growth.

Playing in a bigger league can come at a bigger cost, however, and the company expects, according to the outlet, that higher compensation and related expenses will increase its previously forecast 2016 operating loss of $36 million to $42 million into the $41 million-$47 million range. (Just in the last quarter, Shopify said that its net loss increased to $8.9 million from $6.3 million in the one preceding.)

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