Snapchat Pushes Shoppable Ads


Snapchat is ramping up — or, perhaps more accurately, swiping up — its shoppable ads.

With the social media platform having first begun testing out its Discover channel dedicated exclusively to advertiser-created content back in October, Adweek reports that, as of late last week, Snapchat has launched the offering in full with both Target and Lancome.

The two retail brands are integrating shoppable ads specifically with Cosmopolitan‘s Discover channel, with their respective 10-second-long interactive promos appearing, explains the outlet, between Cosmo‘s articles and videos and encouraging viewers to “swipe up” for more information.

Should a mobile consumer follow that instruction in either case, they will reveal — without actually leaving Snapchat — the retailer’s mobile site, where they can shop the products displayed in the advertisements (in their initial offerings, Target’s ads feature plant stands and water bottles, while Lancome is pushing a lip product called Juicy Shaker).

Between October and now, Snapchat has tested out shoppable ads for limited periods with a number of other brands at various points. Among examples that the Adweek story shares are Activision’s November venture into full-length video ads on the platform and Cookie Jam trying out app-install ads in February, with shopping app Spring and ticketing company Gametime soon following with app-based campaigns of their own.

It’s those last two cases, attests the outlet, that appear to be lining up Snapchat to begin including eCommerce ads on the platform.