Startups Pair To Solve Beacons' Biggest Challenges

A mobile audience insights platform and a proximity sensors platform are putting their heads together, as it were, to solve problems related to beacons.

It was announced yesterday (March 24) that Reveal Mobile and Unacast have entered into a collaboration through which the two companies intend to address the challenges faced by brands, advertisers and companies that attempt to deploy beacons at retailers at a rate and scale that warrants their investment, as well as the fact that retail apps are currently one of the least retained and least frequently used app categories.

Combining Reveal Mobile's capability of collecting beacon data directly from technology embedded inside hundreds of apps throughout the United States with Unacast PROX, which counts more than 47 proximity solution providers (PSPs) worldwide among its network, the two companies believe their partnership presents a new opportunity for proximity retargeting.

"We see over 600,000 active users per day, which frequent the apps four to five times per day," stated Reveal Mobile CEO Brian Handly in a press release. "The audience isn’t one person using a shopping app once every two months."

“We are thrilled to bring Reveal Mobile into the the Unacast PROX network," stated Thomas Walle, Unacast CEO and cofounder, in the release. "Their accurate proximity data will now be activated through Unacast's partnerships with media and advertising platforms. We continue to increase our datasets, helping advertisers to get a scalable solution for proximity data. With the inclusion of Reveal Mobile’s beacon-powered data, we continue to deliver on this. We enable advertisers to retarget customers at scale based on hyperlocal proximity data, encouraging their audience to visit their brick-and-mortar or online stores."



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