Marie Kondo Joins Forces With The Container Store

The Container Store

Just in time for the resolution season, decluttering maven Marie Kondo has officially joined forces with The Container Store to help consumers clean up their acts. Kondo is best known for her Netflix show, in which she helps consumers simplify their lives by decluttering their spaces.

Kondo’s famous metric is asking whether or not a particular object “sparks joy” in its owner. If it does, it stays. If not, it’s time to say goodbye, according to the Kondo method. And if it stays, it needs better, more streamlined and more organized placement.

That’s where the new product line comes into play. The rollout includes sustainably-made organizational boxes, shelves, hampers and more, all for sale at The Container Store.

“We have always developed smart and space-saving solutions and cannot wait to introduce this thoughtful and beautifully designed collection of products to our customers,” Container Store Chairwoman, CEO and President Melissa Reiff noted in a statement.

Items in the collection include items such as simple storage boxes, coat hangers, tasteful rattan baskets, and silverware holders in wood instead of plastic. It all “looks” very Marie Kondo, with natural woods, white ceramic, smooth curves and a generally modern, simplistic feel.

But beyond how they look, Kondo noted, the bigger focus is how living the Kondo life makes people feel. In late autumn, Kondo launched an online class on tidying, noting that now more than ever, consumers are looking for new ways to remake their homes.

“Rather than a dreaded task, I see tidying as a celebration. It’s an act of gratitude for the items that support you every day — and the first step to living the life you’ve always wanted. It is my hope that the magic of tidying will help people create a bright and joyful future — especially during these uncertain times,” Kondo told Refinery29 in September. “Home is now your office, your school, your gym, your sanctuary. Keeping it tidy and joyful is more urgent than ever!”