Sabre Expands Offer and Fulfillment Options to Hotels


Sabre Hospitality’s retailing solution now allows hoteliers to sell experiences, services and goods without a room reservation.

The addition of standalone offers to the SynXis Retailing solution enables hoteliers to bring in additional revenue by delivering personalized and relevant offers to travelers, the company said in a Monday (June 24) press release.

“Launching standalone offers represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to innovation in the hospitality industry,” Sabre Hospitality President Scott Wilson said in the release.

Sabre Hospitality also announced Monday that it will integrate automated fulfillment powered by Nuvola, the company’s task management solution, with SynXis Retailing later this summer.

With this integration, Nuvola’s ticketing functionality will enable hoteliers to automate the fulfillment of secondary offers, the release said. By automating ticket creation, scheduling and notifications, this integration will eliminate the need for manual management, reduce errors and enhance guest satisfaction.

Retailing is transforming the hospitality industry, Mykola Sheludko, product vice president at Sabre Hospitality, said in the release.

“Looking ahead to 2025, we will continue to expand the retailing tools for our customers by enabling a marketplace for reselling third-party offers,” Sheludko said.

In another product introduction, Sabre said in May that it launched an artificial intelligence-powered retailing platform designed to enable airlines to adopt an “offer and order” approach.

With the SabreMosaic platform, airlines can offer a more personalized and dynamic retailing experience and create new revenue opportunities.

In February, Sabre announced the results of its collaboration with FinTech Revolut in which Revolut’s virtual cards are generated within the Sabre Virtual Payments platform.

In less than a year, the two companies onboarded more than 40 customers who can use the platform and virtual cards to pay airlines, hotels and other travel suppliers easily and securely.

In October, Sabre partnered with Cellpoint Digital, a payment solutions provider for the airline industry, to give Sabre customers access to Cellpoint Digital’s suite of payment services.

With this integration, airlines, agencies and hotels using Sabre solutions can gain easier access to payment orchestration solutions. In addition, airlines and travel merchants can offer more payment options to passengers and travelers.

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