Time Warner My TWC App Users Records Resided On Unsecured Amazon Server

Millions of Time Warner’s My TWC app users’ records were residing on a Amazon server in August that was not secure, according to news from Reuters.

According to the report, which cited Kromtech Security Center, greater than four million records of users of the Time Warner app were found on the unsecured Amazon server in August. The files, according to the report, included information such as transaction ID, user names, MAC addresses, account numbers and serial numbers. They were  found on Aug. 24 without needing a password to access the server.

“A vendor has notified us that certain non-financial information of legacy Time Warner Cable customers who used the My TWC app became potentially visible by external sources,” Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable’s parent company, said in an email to Reuters. Charter said the information was removed right after it was discovered and the cybersecurity incident is being looking into. The report noted the breach was found to be linked to BroadSoft, which developed the My TWC app.

The cybersecurity breach comes just as Yahoo, which was recently acquired by Verizon Communications, will see a lawsuit move forward over its massive data breach that impacted more than one billion people. Yahoo had tried to argue that plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the company didn’t have standing to sue, but a judge found otherwise.

“All plaintiffs have alleged a risk of future identity theft, in addition to loss of value of their personal identification information,” the judge wrote, according to The New York Post.

What’s more, the judge noted some plaintiffs claim they had to spend money to prevent future identity theft cyberattacks while others could have changed their passwords, had Yahoo informed them sooner. “We believe it to be a significant victory for consumers and will address the deficiencies the court pointed out,” said John Yanchunis, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, who also chairs an executive committee overseeing the case. In an interview with the New York Post, he said, “It’s the biggest data breach in the history of the world.”