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Dashlane Wallet
Dashlane is a password manager and digital wallet designed to make identity and payment simple and secure. The password manager helps secure your digital identity.
  • Dashlane Raises $100M, Names New CMO

    May 30, 2019Dashlane Raises $100M, Names New CMO
    Credential and digital identity management solution company Dashlane announced Thursday (May 30) it raised $110 million in funding and appointed Joy Howard as chief marketing officer. In a press release, Dashlane ...
  • Dashlane Raises $30M In New Funding

    April 12, 2019Dashlane Raises $30M In New Funding
    Dashlane, a password manager and identity management solution, announced it has raised $30 million in new funding, according to reports. The funding comes from a round of debt financing from Hercules ...
  • Dashlane And Google Team Up To Simplify Security

    August 5, 2016Dashlane And Google Team Up To Simplify Security
    Everyone knows that they need complex and secure passwords to keep the bad guys out of their computer systems and smartphones, but knowing and doing it are two different stories. ...
  • Dashlane Password Manager Startup Raises $22.5M

    May 26, 2016Dashlane Password Manager Startup Raises $22.5M
    TransUnion is betting big on Dashlane, a password management company that enables users to monitor their online identities across multiple sites and apps, by leading a Series C funding round ...