Shein Hauls Its Way to Top of Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps Again

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Been shopping lately? It’s pricey out there. The wise shopper is prepared, and the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps indicates how those wise shoppers save.

Putting our money where our mouth is, you might say, this month’s top-10 ranking contains 15 apps. That’s a five-app bonus passed onto our audience. No thanks are necessary. It’s our job.

The Top 5

It’s hard to dislodge Shein from the No. 1 position, and while that has happened before, here we find them at No. 1 yet again. Amazon and Walmart must be perturbed.

Speaking of those two titans, Walmart pushes Amazon out of the No. 2 chart position this month, making Amazon No. 3.

Sticking at No. 4 is the AliExpress Shopping App.

Entering the Top 5 at No. 5 is the Nike app. It’s got to be the shoes.

The Top 10

Ranked at No. 6 this cycle is China’s

An interesting tie has formed at No. 7 as the Etsy app (already so ranked) is joined by the Target app, which did not chart last month. We’d call that a bullseye.

One of the few apps that didn’t change position is Poshmark, staying stylish at No. 8.

Now we enter uncharted (no pun intended) territory as we examine a very rare four-way tie, all for No. 9 on this ranking.

Apps vying for the No. 9 chart position include Adidas, eBay and OfferUp — all of which gained a spot to get there — now joined by the Sam’s Club app, coming out of the blue.

We depart the ranking on another tie, and this one also has an odd composition. Tying for No. 10 this month we have Fetch Rewards plummeting five spots from its place at No. 5 last month, and now joined there by The Home Depot app, which didn’t even chart last month.

That ought to hold you. Spend wisely. Use an app.