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Cleo Launches B2B Platform Extension for Logistics Firms

Cleo has unveiled its latest cloud-based B2B integration platform extension, Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) for Logistics and Transportation.

This solution aims to improve supply chains by bringing efficiency, optimization and resilience to the industry, the provider of ecosystem integration software said in a Monday (Feb. 5) press release.

More than 400 customers in the logistics and transportation sector rely on Cleo’s integration approach to adapt to changing industry landscapes, launch data-centric services and optimize their supply chain operations, according to the release.

One key benefit of CIC for Logistics and Transportation is that it enables organizations to accelerate growth and scale their business by onboarding shippers, carriers and customers in hours or days, rather than weeks, the release said.

CIC also focuses on gaining operational efficiency by automating application programming interface integrations and routing electronic data interchange transactions across various back-office applications, per the release. By eliminating manual tasks and reducing skillset gaps, CIC streamlines business flows, reduces lost revenue caused by transaction errors and eliminates manual keying and data entry processes.

Furthermore, CIC enhances customer experience and relationships by providing real-time visibility and 24/7 monitoring, according to the release. It provides business and customer service personnel with hands-on access to real-time information for every transaction.

Cleo’s solution also focuses on increasing organizational agility by offering a choice of business models, the release said. Organizations can choose between self-service execution of supply chain integrations, utilizing Cleo’s Managed Services Team, or adopting a blended model customized to their needs.

This allows internal resources to focus on other in-house projects or strategic initiatives, per the release.

PYMNTS Intelligence has found that the transportation, logistics and shipping business has undergone a foundational shift over the last couple of years, becoming increasingly digital and moving from Excel spreadsheets to online platforms.

When investing in innovations to modernize their business, companies in this sector tend to prioritize solutions that will result in an improvement in their relationships with their vendors, according to “Accounts Payable Automation: Transportation Companies Innovate to Drive Growth,” a PYMNTS Intelligence study.

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