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Today In Data: Easy On, Easy Off

Easy to access on-ramps when a customer or business wants to try a product or service, and easy to find off-ramps when they are finished. It doesn’t sound like it should be hard – but as the latest edition of the Subscription Commerce Conversion Tracker shows by the numbers, getting all those best practices in line takes time. And the struggle to get a large, diverse body of firms to adhere to smarter, more effective and more secure tactics is also a challenge in financial services, where it’s taking time to meet demands for modernization and transparency. But the demands keep on coming – from customers who want stronger services, workers who are looking for faster payments and businesses that need access to better and more dependable tools. The tools, however, are becoming easier to find – the challenge is making it easier for consumers to use them at will.




180: Number of SWIFT’s 11,000 member banks that are enrolled in gpi.

$45 million: How much Meero picked up in its last venture funding round for its B2B photography platform.

72 percent: Share of subscription service providers that offered cancellation options.

17 percent: Share of IoT/hardware service providers offering free trials.

12 percent: Share of DailyPay’s customer base that earns over six figures a year.



The September 2020 Leveraging The Digital Banking Shift Study, PYMNTS examines consumers’ growing use of online and mobile tools to open and manage accounts as well as the factors that are paramount in building and maintaining trust in the current economic environment. The report is based on a survey of nearly 2,200 account-holding U.S. consumers.