Payments And Commerce Win, Lose Or Draw

win lose draw dice

A good day is often a matter of perspective: One firm’s day of triumph is another’s day that will live in infamy. The dividing line is often the data — calculating who’s up (JPMC), who’s down (Wells Fargo) and where the difference is split somewhere in between.

The start of another quarter means the rush of earnings reports is upon us. JPMC and Wells Fargo were fast out of the gate and split with the direction of their news. Chase was mostly positive — with big mobile and digital growth. Wells Fargo was more of a question mark — with a potential billion-dollar fine looming.

Other questions swirling were the fates of retail markets everywhere. The U.S. seems grim for brick-and-mortar retail, but India is looking promising for digital players. And high-risk merchants also got a bit of good news — as did the ISOs that work with them — in the form of faster commission payments from T1.

The Data:

$1 billion: The fine Wells Fargo is potentially facing from the CFPB and OCC over mortgages and car insurance.

$200 billion: The estimated value of India’s eCommerce market.

30.9 Million: JPMC’s reported number of mobile customers in Q1, up from 30 million in Q4 2017.

10-20 basis points: The T1 Payments chargeback rate on high-risk merchants.

9: The record-breaking number of retail defaults in Q1 2018.