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Balancing Expectations With Consumer Authentication

Balancing Expectations With Authentication

While consumer satisfaction with authentication differs across sectors, financial services topped other markets in a recent report. In addition, there may be opportunities for the “buy now, pay later” mentality in the B2B market. And home-share platform HomeAway is using payments to build trust in the sharing economy, while quick-service restaurants (QSRs) like Burger King are tapping into mobile technology. All this, Today in Data.



190: Number of countries where HomeAway offers travelers a place to stay.

91.1 percent: Share of eCommerce consumers who were required to provide email addresses when signing up for an online account.

71.2 percent: Share of financial services and eCommerce customers who expressed satisfaction with having to provide a password and code for authentication.

1.5 million: Number of times the Burger King app has been downloaded since the chain launched its one-penny Whopper offer in December.

$1.2 trillion: Amount that B2B eCommerce transactions will reach within two years in the U.S.