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Breaking New Ground In Payments — And With Young Consumers

Breaking New Ground In Payments — And With Young Consumers

Can a disbursement check be in the mail without actually being in the mail, so to speak? And can digital technology, including automatic payments, really make for better landlords and tenants? As those questions swirl, financial institutions are turning to new partnerships and solutions to improve security and compliance efforts. At the same time, companies seeking to hire talent overseas are facing friction in the cross-border payments process – so what’s the solution for that?


84.5 percent: Share of U.S. gig workers who would accept more gig work if paid faster.

1.7 billion: Number of adults around the world without bank account access.

63 percent: Portion of AML compliance pros who lack confidence in their data.

80 percent: Rough percentage of landlords who still do paper-based rental payments.

12 percent: Reduction in customer service calls for a company after launching digital disbursements.