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Advancing The Adoption Of Real-Time Payments

real time payment

Major financial institutions (FIs) need to get on board with real-time payment systems for them to achieve widespread availability, while credit unions are finding friendly ground with FinTech firms. In retail, a closed-loop payments effort for legal marijuana is underway in Nevada, and airports are providing luxury brands with an audience of consumers looking for products they can’t buy at home. All this, Today In Data.



$400: Price of a bottle of Aultmore Scotch whisky in a three-part series at Heathrow Airport
82 percent: Share of businesses that say real-time payments resolve current payment challenges
79 percent: Portion of credit union members who reported they would stray from their CUs to access fast, convenient services from a FinTech provider
47: Number of states that have some form of legalized marijuana for sale per one count
24 percent: The year-over-year increase in same-day automated clearing house (ACH) payment volume between Q1 2018 and Q1 2019