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Bringing Speed And Digitization To Payments

Bringing Speed And Digitization To Payments

Few companies meet customer demand for instant business-to-consumer (B2C) payments, while a large share of businesses still rely on paper checks for business-to-business (B2B) payments. In technology, Sweden-based Mapillary has rolled out a platform to crowdsource imagery of various settings, geographies and data. And merchants are eyeing augmented reality (AR) to lure local shoppers, while meal planning subscriptions with free trials are aiming to tackle food waste. All this, Today In Data.



3,000 percent: The amount by which revenue from VR retail initiatives is expected to increase over the next four years

556 million: The minimum number of images Mapillary has logged across its coverage area

82 percent: Approximate share of shoppers who use their smartphones to conduct what are sometimes called “near me” searches

70 percent: Share of top subscription service performers that offered free trials in Q4 of 2018

3 percent: Share of companies that meet customer demands for instant B2C payments