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The Future Of Commerce Through The Lens Of Maps

The Future Of Commerce Through The Lens Of Maps

Maps are pointing the way toward innovations, disruptions and trends that could dominate the 2020s. In disbursements, instant payments and solutions are changing rebates, while in innovation, NEXT Trucking is tapping into digital technology to connect shippers with drivers and trucking companies. And in retail, BN3TH is innovating with men’s underwear, which is a field that arguably hasn’t had a big innovation for 25 or 30 years. All this, Today in Data.


1935: The year the brief made its debut at a department store during a blizzard.

$79B: Amount of revenue the trucking industry generated last year.

$260B: Annual value of the commerce opportunity of U.S. consumers behind the wheel.

35M: Number of consumers who will use smartphones to bank by 2023.

22%: Portion of companies that plan to offer real-time payments in the next 12 months.