Consumer Life In A Post-COVID-19 Economy

Consumer Life In A Post-COVID-19 Economy

American businesses and consumers are anxious to know whether the curve is being flattened and when the economy will reopen – and what life will look like when it does. Some of the smartest researchers and economists, among other experts, are focused on the first two questions. The third question, however, will become the focus of consumers. All this, Today in Data.


178: Number of days consumers said it would take to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.

121M: Number of American adults who will not resume their activities in the same way they did before the COVID-19 outbreak.

49%: Share of all consumers who report that a vaccine will give them the confidence to resume normal activities.

30%: Portion of consumers who say they will not go to restaurants like they once did.

52%: Share of consumers who will stick to their new digital grocery shopping methods after the crisis ends.