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The Digital Shift In Retail And Pet Spend 

The Digital Shift In Retail And Pet Spend

Shoppers flocked to digital platforms in the first months of COVID-19 as “nonessential” brick-and-mortar stores closed – and a number of consumers don’t have any intentions to go back. Moreover, a number of consumers have expanded their utilization of contactless payments to reduce the risk of viral transmission. And in retail, pet spend has shifted online with the pandemic. All this, Today in Data.


$50B: Amount consumers spent globally in mobile app stores between April and May.

$95.6B: Amount Americans spent feeding and caring for their pets in 2019.

48%: Share of consumers who would no longer shop at certain brick-and-mortar stores without access to contactless payments.

31%: Increase in overall eCommerce sales between Q1 and Q2 2020.

1.4K: Minimum number of store locations nationwide from which PetSmart will provide delivery via DoorDash.