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Earning Subscription Customers In A Crowded Market

Earning Subscriptions In A Crowded Market

The video streaming landscape is swamped with companies, and providing unique content might not be enough to earn subscribers. The pressure is on for providers to find new ways to gain an edge on their competitors and compel more would-be viewers to hit “subscribe.” And, in beverage subscriptions, Angels’ Cup Coffee aims to help consumers discover different varieties of coffee instead of just serving as the place where they buy java. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData: 

208: Maximum number of coffees that Angels’ Cup Coffee subscribers can try each year.

142.4 seconds: Average time required to sign up for digital subscriptions.

87 percent: Share of digital subscription merchants that provide free shipping.

71.7 percent: Portion of B2B subscription providers that offer free trials.

12 ounces: Weight of a bag of coffee included in the Angels’ Cup Coffee All Stars subscription.