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Investing In Health And Product Authenticity With Retail Innovation

Investing In Health And Product Authenticity

Counterfeiting is a thriving business, and marketplaces that specialize in reselling luxury items have heavily invested in authentication proceduresMercari, in one case, rolled out its Mercari Authenticate service that lets customers remotely verify the legitimacy of their products. And in health, VillageMD will operate primary care clinics in five Walgreens stores that will have a separate storefront and a door connecting the two spaces. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

4,697: Number of fellowship programs approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education last year.

123: Number of subspecialties the ACGME approved for fellowship programs last year.

48 hours: Approximate amount of time it takes for products to be authenticated and approved (or not) for sale on the Mercari marketplace.

$15: Cost of authentication per item sold on Mercari starting this year.

$1.8T: Approximate amount of money counterfeiting is estimated to bring in by the end of 2020.