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Innovative Approaches To Retail, Digital Payments And Healthcare 

Innovative Approaches To Retail, Digital Payments And Healthcare

The rise in online shopping amid the pandemic is making digital payment options essential to healthy cash flow. Smart routing is quickly gaining momentum as one of the tools at a merchant’s disposal. And shoppers want technology solutions like self-checkout in post-COVID-19 retail environments, while healthcare companies are teaming with pharmacies to provide patients with access to primary care clinics. All this, Today in Data.


$87.6B: Projected value of the global payment gateway market by 2027.

67%: Share of shoppers who want self-checkout options from mobile devices.

30: Number of underserved U.S. markets where Village MD will offer primary care clinics in partnership with Walgreens.

25%: Year-over-year increase in mobile eCommerce transaction volumes in Q1 2020.

20%: Approximate share of Americans who have chronic health conditions.