Opportunities And Challenges In The Fast-Growing Subscription Sector

Opportunities And Challenges In Subscriptions

The subscription model and the sharing economy are two of the fastest-growing and most compelling sectors in the business landscape. Similar consumer and demographic trendlines power growth in each industry, as these models tap into a need for flexibility, convenience and affordability. And while these models have room to grow, they must overcome challenges to ensure continued customer loyalty as well as revenue gains. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

167M: Netflix’s number of worldwide subscribers at the end of Q4.

100 percent: Approximate growth of the subscription eCommerce market over the past five years.

$36.7B: Estimated market size of agile monetization platforms for recurring revenue subscriptions.

21 percent: Growth in U.S. revenue in 2019 among the top 100 subscription apps.

$10: Monthly price of Coca-Cola’s Insiders Club subscription offering.