Fingerprint Sensor Tech Likely Coming To More Smartphones

As fingerprint authentication becomes more accessible to mobile application developers and service providers, fingerprint sensor manufacturers expect to see a much wider adoption of the security feature, PC World reported Monday (June 22).

Currently, the technology is most often found on high-end smartphones from companies like Apple and Samsung, but with the price to make fingerprint sensors dropping and a broader use of the software overall, it may be only a matter of time before the feature becomes commonplace on more smartphones.

Swedish biometrics firm Fingerprint Cards, has seen a recent increase in orders as well as a growing interest from smartphone manufacturers, according to PC World.

“This market is really starting to take off,” Fingerprint Cards CEO Jörgen Lantto, told PC World, adding his estimation that fingerprint authentication will be available on half of all smartphones sold in 2016.

Google’s recent announcement of its Android M mobile platform, which will include fingerprint sensors and eliminate the need for PIN codes or passwords to identify and verify the user, may open the door for widespread use of the technology.

“By incorporating fingerprint sensor technology in Android M, Google is taking a major step with a more secure and convenient way for user identity verification. This will spur further innovation by app developers, improve usability of Android devices and accelerate market growth for fingerprint sensors. We are very pleased to have supported Google in their effort to develop and integrate fingerprint sensor capability in Android M. We commend Google for its vision and drive in taking this innovative step in creating an even stronger Android ecosystem,” Lantto said in a company release during the Android M Developer Preview at Google I/O earlier this year.

Synaptics, the company behind the fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, echoed a projected increase in fingerprint authentication on mobile devices.

“The market is hot, and the adoption rate across a broader range of products will grow faster now,” Anthony Gioeli, vice president of marketing for Synaptics biometrics business unit, told PC World.

Gioeli confirmed prices on the hardware side have come down about 25 percent over the last year, and they are expected to continue lowering as the volume of fingerprint sensor orders increase.

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