Rambus Launches Unified Payment Platform

UK mobile B2B payments

Rambus Inc. has introduced a new comprehensive mobile payments platform: the Rambus Unified Payment Platform.

According to Finextra, the platform is revolutionary in that it will enable customers to pay through a variety of methods, including credit, points and coupons, in a single transaction. It processes payments securely while reducing operational costs and boosting revenue for merchants.

“Our Unified Payment Platform is based on a bank-proven foundation from our Bell ID acquisition, utilizing tokenization and card provisioning technology that is in use among the largest banks and payment networks worldwide,” said Dr. Ron Black, president and CEO of Rambus. “Our new platform extends this offering to the retailer, enabling them to incorporate payments and manage digital currencies inside a single app to realize an enhanced frictionless shopping experience.”

The center of the platform is its Digital Value Manager, which allows retailers to connect to various third-party service providers and convert different forms of digital payment into a unified “currency.” The Retail Wallet Engine software enables full integration with mobile payment products, including a white-label app that will help retailers launch their own apps faster. It also offers digital card enrollment, card provisioning and tokenization, which will reduce the risk of card-on-file fraud. The software can be upgraded to include virtual point-of-sale capabilities and inventory management for one-click pay and auto-pay.

Additionally, the platform’s customizable modules include a gift card module that allows customers to add, purchase and redeem gift cards, and even transfer gift card values to another card; a loyalty module that tracks new and existing loyalty cards; and a coupon module that adds and redeems coupons.

Consumers will be able to store multiple payment methods within the app, while also keeping track of receipts and their history of purchases.