USA Technologies Inks Deal With Several Pepsi Bottlers

USA Technologies (USAT), the payment technology provider of cashless and mobile transactions in self-serve retail, announced Wednesday (Feb. 8) agreements with several Pepsi Cola bottling franchisees throughout North and South Carolina to use USAT’s cashless payment technologies within their existing inventory of vending machines.

In a press release, the company said it has 11,900 customers and over 469,000 point-of-sale cashless payment devices on the ePort Connect platform. With the Pepsi deal, six Pepsi-licensed bottlers, operating under the cooperative of Carolina Canners, signed up to use USAT’s ePort G9 and/or the ePort Interactive and ePort Connect cashless payment systems on more than 2,000 machines. The Pepsi bottlers will be able to track the acceptance of cash, credit/debit cards and contactless payments, including mobile wallet payments, such as Apple, Android and Samsung Pay. USAT said the rollout includes 1,750 of USAT’s touchscreen-enabled ePort Interactive payment devices, as well as 370 of its NFC-enabled G9 ePorts, totaling 2,120 units. The initiative includes USAT’s Premium Support Services to assist in the deployment at certain locations.

The bottlers include Pepsi Cola of Greenville; Pepsi Cola of Bennettsville; Pepsi Cola of Hickory; McPherson Beverages; Minges Bottling Group; and Pee Dee Food Service, an affiliate of Pepsi Cola of Florence.

“When companies with the established history of these Pepsi Cola bottlers elect to deploy cashless acceptance technologies, it provides further validation that electronic payment in the vending and self-serve industry is not only the way of the future; it’s the way experienced companies are electing to operate now,” said Cecil Ledesma, vice president of regional account sales at USA Technologies, in the press release. “The fact that these industry-leading operators chose to use the services of USA Technologies shows that they are committed to responding to consumer demand and giving them the payment experience they want today. We’re delighted to work with members of the Carolina Canners to help them do just that.”