Only One In Four Orgs Can Detect Hack, Respond To A Data Breach

Data Breach

New research from global security and compliance solutions provider Tripwire revealed that only 25 percent of organizations have the technology needed to effectively detect and respond to a hack or data breach.

The comprehensive study, conducted by Dimensional Research, analyzed the challenges organizations face when trying to optimize cybersecurity and compliance programs by surveying more than 500 IT security professionals.

According to Tripwire, 39 percent of respondents said it takes their security teams days or weeks to correlate the data and security alerts from security tools after statistics are collected. Only 21 percent said their security teams are able to correlate data and security alerts in near real time.

Though the industry has seen an increase in IT and security budgets, many organizations still don’t have adequate resources, visibility and threat intelligence in place to keep up with the increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape.

“Opportunities for automation are key to maintaining operational effectiveness when organizations are faced with a skills shortage that won’t be alleviated quickly,” Tim Erlin, senior director of IT security and risk strategy at Tripwire, said in a statement. “Using the tools at hand to prioritize alerts can save precious time in responding to an incident. Putting the right contextual data at the analyst’s fingertips can allow one person to simply get more done in a shorter period of time.”

“Information sharing is a key defensive strategy for most companies. In order to protect an organization effectively, it’s incredibly valuable to know how other, similar organizations are being attacked or breached,” Erlin continued.