Yooz Debuts New AP Automation For Corporates

Cloud-based purchase-to-pay automation software company Yooz is rolling out Yooz Rising, its new accounts payable automation software, a press release from Thursday (April 1) said.

With the software will come a redesign of the user experience and real-time automation, which will provide richer functional covering of invoice processing, the release said.

With that, accounting and finance departments will be able to automate the entire invoice system — from invoice creation to payment — the release stated.

The automated features with the update come with processing technologies that will allow identification of any type of document, such as human resources forms, contracts, leases and administrative forms. This will help to improve invoice recognition, processing time and security.

The new workflow engine will provide more flexibility and scalability for smaller businesses and make it easier for companies to manage taxes and ledgers, communicate via their existing information systems and measure efficiency against performance indicators.

“Yooz Rising perfectly matches with Yooz DNA: an unrivaled solution made for modern accounting and finance leaders striving for excellence and driven by a shared performance-driven ambition,” Yooz Chief Operations Officer Laurent Charpentier said. “When an offer reflects so perfectly the values of the group of people who made it, there is no surprise that it brings the highest value to its users in the market.”

Charpentier said that the updates would make it easy to meet the needs of a post-pandemic finance department with the heightened digitization.

PYMNTS reported that the digital ways companies have adopted for the pandemic have been proving frugal and better overall, with suppliers finding that the virtual ways of talking with buyers have boosted transparency. By accepting and promoting card payments, suppliers also found they could accelerate their receivables collections. Companies looking to onboard suppliers have found it smoother to do it virtually, too.