Apple Unblocks Tipping Ban On WeChat

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WeChat’s nearly 1 billion users will soon be able to resume sending tip-style gifts on their iPhones, thanks to a recent deal between Apple and Tencent.

According to Vulture, the specific date for the return of tipping was not given, but the companies have been discussing it for months.

Tipping had been a large part of WeChat’s growth, allowing users to store funds in their Tencent wallets so they could reward stars to video content producers for entertaining people. As a result, developers and designers strived to compete for tips.

Last April, Tencent announced that it had to “regrettably” abolish the feature after Apple barred developers from including buttons or links that direct customers to purchasing systems outside of its iOS ecosystem. As a result, those transactions would be subject to Apple's 30 percent cut of the transaction. The feature remained open for business on Android.

But at a company developers conference in Guangzhou, WeChat creator Allen Zhang said the platform will be changed to send the tip directly to recipients without WeChat serving as an intermediary. As a result, Apple won't be entitled to take a percentage.

Further details of the agreement have not been disclosed.