iPhone X Reportedly Has An Incoming Call Problem


There is little worse than paying $1,000 for something and then finding out that it cannot perform its most basic and elemental function.

But that seems to be Apple’s latest iPhone X-related headache, as a cadre of users are reporting that the flagship iPhone is have some difficulty picking up incoming calls.

The issue seems to be stemming from how long it takes the touchscreen to turn on from a sleeping mode — about 4 to 10 seconds, in some cases — which means users can’t tap the virtual button that answers the call.

“Whenever I receive an incoming call on my iPhone X, ringtones start, but the display comes in after 6-8 seconds,” says one user on Apple’s support page, according to The Financial Times.

“I can often not see an incoming call coming, can only hear it! At other times, there is a significant delay :( ,” reads another post.

This bug is the latest in a string of issues with the iPhone X. The brand has also dealt with escalating complaints about its software quality in recent months. Reports out of Axios last week indicate that Apple is pushing pause on making feature improvements in the next iPhone — so that it can instead focus on reliability and day-to-day performance.

Apple has confirmed that it is investigating the claims of the unanswerable iPhone Xs.



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