Bain and OpenAI Ally to Facilitate ‘Huge Wave of Innovation’

Bain & Company and ChatGPT creator OpenAI have formed a global services alliance.

The alliance will bring together Bain & Company’s digital implementation capabilities and strategic expertise and OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) tools and platforms to help enterprise clients realize the value of AI, the companies said in a Tuesday (Feb. 21) press release.

“AI has reached an inflection point and we foresee a huge wave of change and innovation for our clients across industries,” Bain & Company Worldwide Managing Partner Manny Maceda said in the release. “We see this as an industrial revolution for knowledge work, and a moment where all our clients will need to rethink their business architectures and adapt.”

As PYMNTS reported in December, AI has been the silent workhorse powering digital transformation across the contemporary business and commerce landscapes.

AI is, generally speaking, embedded everywhere today and will only integrate further into daily life as consumers’ day-to-day becomes more digital.

In the transportation, shipping and logistics field, for example, a near majority of companies (45%) are planning to automate their accounts payable (AP) systems and platforms in the next three years.

By automating their AP systems, these companies hope to both improve payments speed and transparency as well as improve vendor relationships by creating a seamless, repeatable experience, according to “Accounts Payable Automation: Transportation Companies Innovate to Drive Growth,” a PYMNTS and Routable collaboration.

The report also found that leading companies recognize that to build and sustain strong, long-term relationships with vendors, their own payments platforms must operate efficiently and be ready to handle anticipated growth.

With the global services alliance of Bain and OpenAI, the firms will embed AI in clients’ operations. Among the potential uses cases are providing scripts for contact centers, developing ad copy for marketers and generating digital communication for financial advisers, according to the press release.

The first company to engage with the new alliance is the Coca-Cola Company, the release said.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Bain to deliver real value to our large enterprise customers,” OpenAI Head of Go-To-Market Zack Kass said in the release. “OpenAI’s technology combined with Bain’s expertise will enable massive business transformation within the Fortune 5,000.”