Bitcoin Daily: Mark Cuban Prefers A ‘Pet Rock’ To Bitcoin, UK Warns PC Users Of ‘Cryptojacking’


After @bitcoin was suspended from Twitter on Sunday (April 8), the account is back with digs at bitcoin, Bloomberg reported. The owner of the account, who has remained anonymous, apparently prefers bitcoin’s rival cryptocurrency – bitcoin cash – that split from bitcoin.

“From day one, Bitcoin was marketed to the world as a fast & cheap global payments network. Now the BTC crowd says that’s wrong and that Bitcoin should be a slow & expensive ‘store-of-value’ not meant to be used as currency,” @bitcoin wrote in a Twitter post. “Who is trying to steal the Bitcoin brand, again?”

And it seems that bitcoin will continue to face bearish pressure in the second quarter of 2018, according to a new report from Cboe, The Merkle reported. The report said that a large number of most institutional investors are opening short positions on the cryptocurrency.

In other news, Mark Cuban of “Shark Tank” fame is not crazy about bitcoin, NewsBTC reported. Cuban told Kitco that he sees “gold and bitcoin as being the same thing.” And, after the Kitco presenter compared gold to a pet rock, Cuban said, “Pretty much, but I’d buy the pet rock first.”

And it may not be going away: The U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre said that cryptojacking could very well “become a regular source of income for website owners,” CoinDesk reported. In its “cyber threat to UK business” report, the agency listed cryptojacking as a “significant” concern. In addition, the report said that 55 percent of businesses throughout the world were victims of cryptomining attacks in December.

And The Spanish Civil Guard took apart an alleged criminal organization that apparently made use of crypto, the Express reported. Through its operations, the gang allegedly laundered more than eight million euros. To bring down the operation, officials reportedly conducted eight raids within Spain to look through computers and seize documents.