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Flexible Finance Loans Will Buy Back Customers’ Unused Gift Cards


Flexible Finance Loans (FFL) has put out a call offering to buy any unused gift cards and merchandise credits through a partnership with GiftCardBin.

A press release from the alternative finance business explains that Americans spending a whopping $65 billion in gift cards each year, making it the number one way to exchange presents in the country. However, $6.8 billion go unredeemed, according to research by TowerGroup, a financial consulting firm.

FFL is offering the buy-back service as an easy way for its customers to get some cash when money is tight. Customers can turn in their unused gift cards and credits at any of its locations throughout California, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico and Wisconsin.

In addition to the buy-back program, FFL also recently launched an online lending platform, Blue Frog Loans, to reach out to clients in rural areas where the company doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar presence. It also provides payday, installment and title loans.

“We are another resource that many people didn’t know they had,” states Vice President Brian Stoltz. “Many alternative financial services businesses have already begun the process of incorporating new services. We are offering an easy and safe opportunity for our customers to turn unused cards into something of value.”


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