Chatbot Tracker: Shipping Gifts And Customer Return Rate
November 22, 2016

Chatbots can help secure purchases but also ship packages. Just in time for the holidays, UPS has launched a beta version of its chatbot that will mimic human conversations to help users find shipping locations, learn shipping rates and track packages. Available through Facebook Messenger,...

Chatbot Tracker: Let Your Chatbot Be Your (Airline Travel) Guide
November 15, 2016

Chatbots can now fly you around the world. This week, Lufthansa’s chatbot named Mildred took flight with capabilities of helping flyers search for cheap flights and book tickets using natural language processing through Mildred will recognize your requests in both English and German and...

Chatbot Tracker: Hillary, Donald And Their Chatbots
November 08, 2016

So here we are on Election Day in the U.S. Seems like yesterday — and yet, ages ago — when Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy in April 2015 and Donald Trump did the same two months later. But since then, many chatbots have popped up...

Facebook Messenger: 33,000 Chatbots And Growing
November 04, 2016

Did you know there are more than 33,000 chatbots built through Facebook’s Messenger platform? That’s about the same number of fans that can quickly fill up Wrigley Field or Fenway Park. And that’s just the number of chatbots on Facebook. That’s not including many of...

Chatbot Tracker: Banks & Credit Card Bots
November 01, 2016

Of all the industries out there, it seems both the banking and credit card industries have been eyeing chatbots for quite some time. And each week recently, it seems that another bank or card company announces that they’re jumping in. At Money20/20 last week, Mastercard...

Shopify Throws Hat Into Chatbot Ring
November 01, 2016

Shopify’s online store platform is integrating with Sundown AI’s artificial intelligence platform named Chloe. The collaboration is expected to bring enhanced mobile commerce to online stores with the use of voice and text commands. Shopify users will be able to access immediate assistance on their...

Bank of America Launches Erica, Its Virtual Assistant
October 26, 2016

Bank of America is gearing up to launch a virtual assistant named Erica, which will rely on artificial intelligence to provide tips for mobile phone users to enhance their finances. According to a report by Reuters, Erica won’t be like a robot, rather “she” will be...

Chatbot Tracker: Friends’ Joey Tribbiani, Dead Friends, Brushing Habits And … Swearing
October 25, 2016

Indeed, chatbots have shown their timeliness, responsiveness and usefulness for many companies and consumers. Need to register to vote? A chatbot has you covered. Want to renew your driver’s license? They’re working on that. Have a food question? A chatbot will even help you order a...

Chatbot Tracker: The Greats, The Bums And The ‘Now What?’
October 18, 2016

There’s no doubt that, most of the time, chatbots are beneficial to the future of online commerce, payments and interaction with consumers. While not fully mainstream — most customers don’t even realize they’re connected to a bot — they do seem to be popping up...