Shopify Throws Hat Into Chatbot Ring

Shopify Chatbot Integration

Shopify’s online store platform is integrating with Sundown AI’s artificial intelligence platform named Chloe.

The collaboration is expected to bring enhanced mobile commerce to online stores with the use of voice and text commands. Shopify users will be able to access immediate assistance on their mobile phones via Chloe for any inquiries or requests while navigating a store.

Known as the “Siri” for business, Chloe can receive a request and reply in the same way a user would send and receive a text message. A company’s employees can utilize Chloe as a channel for providing a unique customer service experience.

The platform enables agents to resolve a customer’s problems faster by predicting suitable answers and proposing replies that would otherwise require research.

“Chloe automatically identifies policies and actions to guide her behavior from the initial training set and has the ability to learn from new experiences that will enable her to become smarter over time,” a press release stated.

Benefits of Chloe’s integration with an online store include the support of a voice-powered interface, providing shoppers with access to products and services while on-the-go and facilitating commerce via text and voice commands.

Earlier this month, Shopify expanded upon bringing merchants the capability to connect directly with customers through the Facebook Messenger platform, by helping merchants sell directly and immediately in a more advanced fashion.

The purchase can start with the click of the “Shop Now” button on a business’ Facebook page. Using Shopify’s Messenger sales channel, the merchant’s product list and catalog will allow customers to browse. When ready to check out, that capability to purchase stays within Messenger to complete the action.

The idea is to meet the customer where they’re spending a lot of their time. Many times, that place is Facebook.


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