Chatbot Tracker: Are Chatbots Taking Over The World?
February 06, 2017

Let’s face it. The more interconnected the world gets, the more accustomed everyone has become to minimizing human interaction. While nearly anything can be ordered online, the few times people go into department stores are typically when there’s a need for a very specific item....

Domino’s Updates Bot To Give Customers Access To Full Menu
February 06, 2017

Domino’s, the pizza chain, is gearing up to enable people to place orders via Facebook Messenger. According to a report, Domino’s is updating its ordering bot, dubbed Dom, to include its full menu on Facebook Messenger. The update is aimed at making it even easier for...

Chatbot Tracker: Set And Forget
January 24, 2017

Would a chatbot by any other name still be as helpful? LinkedIn’s nearly 470 million users will soon find out (if they haven’t already). The professional social network is in the process of unrolling the redesign of its desktop site, set to be made available...

Chatbot Tracker: Investing, Saving And The Future
January 17, 2017

Investing in chatbots could be the trendiest thing a company can do this month. Just last week, 11 new bot-related startups caught the eye of cloud-based team collaboration tool Slack. The company decided to not only invest in them but use them to build out...

Digit Launches New Savings Bot
January 13, 2017

Another financial service app has launched a chatbot this week. Digit announced the launch its savings bot, which will live on Facebook’s Messenger platform. The San Francisco-based company said this will allow users to communicate with the company in a space they are already spending a...

Chatbot Tracker: Could Bots Be Too Helpful?
January 10, 2017

Chatbots — with their artificial intelligence capabilities — were designed to help humans. At least, that’s what many of their developers say they were commissioned to do. But sometimes, maybe they’re too helpful. Recently, a TV news report in San Diego turned into “too much...

Neither Gecko Nor Caveman, GEICO Adds Virtual Assistant Kate
January 09, 2017

A 15-minute call may save you 15 percent (or more) on car insurance, but what about answering those questions related to insurance? GEICO has unveiled its virtual assistant named Kate to take care of that, without appearing like a caveman or a gecko. The Chevy Chase, MD-headquartered company...

Chatbot Tracker: Implementing Chatbots in 2017
January 03, 2017

Heading into the new year, most everyone, retailers included, is looking within to enhance our lives and businesses from knowledge already ascertained and move that understanding forward. In the retail space, experts say the chatbot may be one of the best things a merchant can...

Chatbot Tracker: The Best Bots Of The Year
December 27, 2016

Chatbots have had quite the year. Bots can order a personal pizza, book a flight to anywhere, stir up a cocktail recipe, ship last-minute holiday gifts, memorialize dead relatives and bring back infamous “Friends” characters, register voters to vote or get a new driver’s license and help...