Consumer Authentication

Consumer Authentication
How Pre-Authorization Risk Checks Are Payments Wave Of The Future
October 17, 2019

The earlier, the better, right? That ancient wisdom would certainly seem to hold true in this quickly changing world of payments, a world being shaped not only by the rise of eCommerce and new transaction technology, but regulatory forces such as PSD2 and its Strong...

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Can ‘21’ Keep The Vaping Industry From Running Afoul Of The Regulators?
October 15, 2019

May you live in interesting times. That’s supposedly a curse as much as a blessing, but no matter what, it certainly applies to the online sales of eCigarettes and vaping supplies, where regulations haven’t caught up to retail reality, and where legitimate businesses worry about...

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How To Build A Global Digital Identity Network
September 18, 2019

To build a global identity network requires vision, scale and of course infrastructure – not to mention money. Fresh off a funding round that saw backing of marquee FI names, Trulioo is looking beyond its current roster of five billion digital identities.  CEO Stephen Ufford...

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What’s Good For Veterans Can Be Very Good For Businesses
November 12, 2018

It started in the early 1980s: The nation began to repent for what was commonly viewed as the shabby treatment of Vietnam War veterans. It caught speed in the early 1990s upon completion of the Gulf War. Later that decade, in a cultural movement that...

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Looking Beyond The Selfie For ID Verification
September 11, 2017

When it comes to identity verification, the (possible) devil is in the details — and the details are in the documents. As financial services become ever more digital, the identity verification method employed by some firms may no longer be optimal. The comparison of photos to...

When Lending Decisions Go Social
August 17, 2016

When is social data a proxy for a lending decision? Just about everywhere now. The need is especially acute in developing countries where the lack of an established credit scoring system – and access to it – can help its citizens get credit and establish...

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Social Security Administration Now Requires Two-Factor Authentication
August 02, 2016

With tax fraud becoming a top choice among scammers, the U.S. Social Security Administration is aiming to beef up its security by embracing two-factor authentication for anyone who wishes to use the government agency’s online services. Last week, the Social Security Administration said visitors to...

Consumer Authentication
Top Digital Identity Players Ranked
June 08, 2016

Safeguarding digital identities and protecting consumers from the ever-evolving sophistication of cybercriminals is a neverending job. It’s no wonder the verification and authentication space is booming. In the May edition of the Digital Identity Tracker™, we profiled 74 players across the online authentication landscape,...

Walmart Sues Visa Over PINs
May 11, 2016

In April 2015, Walmart SVP and Assistant Treasurer Mike Cook told CNNMoney that the EMV rules, as they were being implemented in the U.S., were a “joke.” Cook’s view was that giving signature and PIN equal weight in authenticating the consumer at the point of...