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PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: GoFundMe’s Latest Stats

GoFundMe Campaigns

GoFundMe has helped campaigns raise more than $3 billion since launching back in 2010.

Currently, GoFundMe says it has 2 million program organizers and more than 25 million donor, and the number of people helped through its campaigns tripled in 2016.

The intersection of crowdfunding and personal beliefs has helped GoFundMe break away from the pack, with a business model that has a 5 percent fee in place in addition to credit processing fees, translating into a revenue run rate of more than $50 million, which is as much as 10 times its peers.

Here are the numbers:

>$3 billion | Amount raised for campaigns on GoFundMe since the site’s launch

>25 million | Number of GoFundMe donors

2 million | Number of GoFundMe program organizers

5 percent | GoFundMe’s fee

>$50 million, 10x | GoFundMe’s revenue run rate, 10 times as much as some of its peers

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