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PYMNTS’ Daily Data Dive: Can Uber Make Autonomous Cars Work?

Autonomous vehicles have slowly been making their way onto roads.

Though Tesla is now one of the most widely known autonomy-enabled vehicles, it’s likely that we’ll see other auto manufacturers start to rev their autonomous engines in the next few years.

One company looking to help move the needle for autonomous driving is Uber with its self-driving cars. Unfortunately, this new offering from the ride-sharing service giant isn’t going as planned with constantly needed human interference.

Here are the numbers:

43 | Active Uber self-driving cars

20,354 | Autonomous miles driven by Uber self-driving cars in March

1,080 | Total autonomous rides taken in Pittsburgh and Phoenix in March

800+ | Semi-autonomous Uber trips taken since mid-February

0.8 | Average number of miles driven before human interference was required

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