Square's Many Suitors

The payments rumor mill is on fire with speculation that Square is up for sale. We thought it would be fun to take a look at the potential slate of Square’s suitors – what they bring to the table and why Square might want to keep playing coy.

Square seems to be becoming everyone's favorite topic of conversation lately, as many are wondering what the extraordinarily capitalized payments start-up will do next.

Rumors have circulated that Square's future lies as part of Google, perhaps as the launching pad that the company's mWallet needs to make a real push toward mass adoption.  Big numbers have been circulated, but rumors persist of a lack of enthusiasm on Square's part about joining the "Don't Be Evil" empire.

Apple and Square share a design philosophy and a past of successfully doing business together, but perhaps not a vision for the future of mobile commerce.

And then there's the  always whispered prospect of the public offering that will let Square branch out and become a flexible hybrid company serving many market sectors.

With so many options, what is an in-demand start-up to do?  Well checking out our guide to Square's Many Suitors is a good start to piecing together the next chapter for this emerging power player.