Mink’s New 3D Printer Turns Images Into Makeup


Beauty company Mink has designed a 3D printer that will print makeup from any image, according to a release by the company.

The Mink printer is portable, weighing about 2 pounds and with dimensions of 8 inches by 6 inches by 4 inches.

“Mink combines the endless variety of content from the internet, the newness and relevance of social media, and the convenience of the home. Enabling users to choose, control and create the exact makeup they want anywhere, anytime,” the company said.

Mink first introduced the concept of printed makeup in 2014, and it says it has refined the process and technology in its newest product. Users can upload any picture into the printer’s database, and then insert a blank makeup printing sheet. The machine will print out the image in 3D wearable makeup.

“The go-to-market iteration of the Mink printer debuts today. The printer bundle features a single tri-color cartridge and Mink’s proprietary makeup sheets. Mink is safe and easy to use,” the company said. “Mink’s cosmetic ingredients are produced in accordance with the FDA rules for cosmetics, and manufacturing process follows the FDA guidelines.”

Grace Choi, CEO and co-founder of Mink, said people want more choices than what’s offered by retailers.

“Growth of online media and entertainment gave viewers the choice to select how and what content to consume. This choice allowed viewers to uniquely curate content, guided by their personal tastes, opinions and preferences. Mink brings that aspect of individuality and putting the user in the driver’s seat to beauty,” Choi said. “Beauty content continues to move to digital and away from traditional TV and print. Users are turning to these images for inspiration, creating an opportunity to leverage image color data and transform them into physical makeup.”

Janet Kim, president and co-founder, said the printer is made to fit in to a person’s lifestyle.

“Consumers today have higher expectations on how and where the products they consume fit into their lifestyle. Mink understands the shifting landscape for on-demand and flexibility, and beauty is no exception. We are excited to provide a new distribution platform for beauty as well as connecting to the different consumer touchpoints across physical, web and social. Finally bridging images that inspire beauty and transforming them into makeup in a snap,” Kim said, adding, “Our relationships with our partners and investors are integral to delivering the Mink experience to consumers.”