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NEW REPORT: Smarter Fridges, Better Homes?

From devices that can clean a user’s house with just a simple request to dryers that can restock dryer sheets automatically, IoT technology is turning common household items into entirely new tools. But is the transformation of appliances into IoT devices making life simpler for consumers? 

With consumers constantly looking for the latest and greatest technology in any purchase they make, the May Intelligence of Things (IoT) Tracker features news and headlines about companies looking to infuse some intelligence into their products and services. Beyond the wow factor, it seems, the objective is to offer devices that may transform how consumers live their lives.

News from the IoT Ecosystem

Solutions and services company IRI and smart kitchen commerce solutions company Freshub announced a new partnership designed to make the smart kitchen a reality. The companies plan to build IoT-based sources of data to deliver customer information and connected capabilities to appliance retailers and manufacturers.

Similarly, consumers with GE dryers will no longer have to head out to the store next time they need new dryer sheets. General Electric Appliances recently debuted a new integration with Amazon that will allow users who own the company’s Wi-Fi-enabled dryers to automatically reorder dryer sheets using Dash Replenishment. 

Meanwhile, iRobot wants to let customers clean the house without ever getting off the couch. The company recently announced that it is working toward Alexa voice integration, as well as making advancements to its mapping system, which will lead to future smart home upgrades. While the Alexa integration isn’t imminent, users will eventually be able to use their Amazon Echo to give the 900 connected series Roomba cleaning orders.

Connected Chilling 

Like vacuums, kitchen appliances are being infused with IoT connectivity. For the May IoT Tracker Feature Story, PYMNTS caught up with Yoon Lee, SVP of Product Innovation at Samsung Electronics America. Lee discussed the company’s latest IoT-enabled appliances and told PYMNTS that the refrigerator is quickly becoming a central hub of the household, and that new features from streaming to synching could soon be coming to the family fridge.

“Within the connected kitchen, a connected refrigerator could be the next platform for serving the new kitchen lifestyle,” Lee said.

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