5 Burning Questions: Bling Nation’s Meyer Malka

Meyer Malka sits down in the Briefing Room Hot Seat to answer five burning questions about the mobile platform wars and to reveal “what’s next” for BlingNation.

Meyer Malka is co-chief executive officer of Palo Alto, Calif.-based Bling Nation, which connects financial institutions, businesses and consumers through mobile tap-and-pay services. Malka has been instrumental in several technology and financial services endeavors. He helped develop Latin America’s first comprehensive Internet financial services portal and online brokerage, Patagon, by founding its Venezuelan branch.  The company expanded its online banking services to the United States, Spain and Germany and was later sold to Banco Santander, where Malka was the interim CEO for the Phone and Online Banking division. Malka also founded Santiago, Chile-based MECK, Ltd., a private investment firm. In 2002, he and his partners at MECK started Banco Lemon, a Brazilian retail bank serving the underbanked population, which has grown into the largest microfinance institution in Brazil. Malka holds a degree in economics from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas – Venezuela. To read more on Meyer Malka, click here.




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