Consumer Payment Choice

Remaining Relevant: Seven Consumer Trends to Watch—and Act On
MasterCard, in collaboration with GfK Roper Consulting, has identified the 7consumer trends that are having the greatest impact on the banking & payments sectors.

New Research on Consumer Debit Behavior Revealed by TSYS
With the Fed’s final regulations now in place, it’s not just debit interchange fees that are changing. Consumers’ use of debit is evolving as well, according to research from TSYS.

Cash Usage: Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Despite years of predictions suggesting that cash would one day disappear, recent data suggests cash is not only here to stay, but its usage may in fact be on the rise.

5 Burning Questions: ChargeSmart’s COO Philip Mikal
Philip Mikal is Chief Operating Officer of ChargeSmart, a provider of online payment solutions to the financial and mortgage industries.

How Consumers Drive Innovation for FNMS smartOne Prepaid Solutions
Scott McCormack, First National Merchant Solutions (FNMS), recently sat down in our Briefing Room Hot Seat to give us his take on what’s driving innovation in prepaid.

MasterCard Individual Control
Set spending rules, receive real-time alerts and provide greater account security

An Examination of Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments: Building Adoption as Experience Goods?
This paper examines consumer adoption of mobile banking and mobile payments using the experience goods and learning by doing constructs as a framework to better understand adoption patterns in the United States and how these may differ in other world markets.

What is Changing? Age, Economic Crises, And Shifting Patterns of Card Use
Perhaps the most important long-term problem that the U.S. payments industry confronts is the possibility of a permanent shift away from credit card use.