International E-Commerce Made Simple

Name: Peter J. Caparso

Title: President North America

Company: Adyen Global Payments

What I’m working on now… Helping our rapidly growing international customer base with innovative ways to augment and enhance their online payment process while in parallel working to maximize their online conversion rates.

My crowning achievement is…Grew previous U.S.-based eCommerce organization from $1M to just under $20M in three years.

Industry Association Awards… RBS Top 25 Employee Recipient 2007

Education… Bachelor of Arts, Minor in Business and Communications, Villanova University 1988. Master in Business Administration, concentration in Strategic Management, Boston College 1993

When I’m not working, I like to… See the world. I believe in order to be a global company, one has to truly understand how the rest of the world operates and views things. There is no better education.

My favorite payment factor is… Simplicity! The easier the better in order to ensure maximum conversion. New technologies can help merchants take a big leap forward while expanding their revenue.

I think the next big thing in payments is… Mobile. With the convergence of smartphones, coupled with social networking element, I believe that our handheld phone devices will serve as portable payment vehicles.

Cash is… Necessary but no longer the King. More and more alternative payment methods are being introduced into the marketplace, with many being adopted into the mainstream, allowing merchants to monetize their offerings in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Checks are… Going the way of the Dodo. There will be a slow decreasing amount of users who still use the check, but the total amount of users will diminish over time.

NFC will… Full of promise and opportunity. The key will be to see who can properly harness the capability.

EMV is… Big in the EU and a great opportunity for Adyen. The jury is still out in regards to the U.S. market (could this be the metric system redux)?

P2P will… Could flourish but still dogged by security concerns. Given the smartphone explosion, it could become a significant replacement payment method from cash and checks in the years ahead.

My mentor is… Actually, my inspiration for the payment space comes from the early days at Bibit. The enthusiasm and can-do attitude, coupled with the rapid response to customer needs philosophy, continues to propel me today to have Adyen be the very best it can be in the marketplace.

Executive Bio: Peter has over 20 years experience in technology, international commerce, and payments. He is well versed in assisting and serving the needs of North American entities. Peter joined Adyen from the Royal Bank of Scotland where he headed up the global eCommerce sales and account management teams for the United States. He received his M.B.A. concentrating in Finance and Strategic Management from Boston College and holds a B.A. in Economics from Villanova University.


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