Visa Takes On M-Pesa In The Battle For Kenyan Mobile Payments
September 14, 2016

Competition may be ramping up for M-Pesa in the battle for mobile payments in Kenya. Payments giant Visa is gathering a consortium of Kenyan banks to create a service that is essentially a shot across the bow at M-Pesa. Dubbed mVisa, it allows consumers to...

Visa Teams With Ingenico To Showcase Contactless Payments
September 12, 2016

Visa is gearing up to roll out a lineup of payment experiences during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which it has been sponsoring for 20 years. At the festival, which runs through Sept. 18, Visa will enable festival goers to experience a Connected Screen powered...

Visa’s Olympic-Scale Payments Adventure
August 19, 2016

The Olympics are undeniably about sports. Sure, there’s the part about international community and the peaceful interaction of nations – but there is a reason people from around the world tune in, en masse, to the Olympics and not to the U.N. when it is...

Visa Opens Up Office In Silicon Valley To Spur Innovation
July 26, 2016

In an effort to accelerate digital commerce globally, credit card company Visa announced on Monday (July 25) plans to open an office in Silicon Valley. The new office will be a 62,000-square-foot facility located in the heart of Silicon Valley in Palo Alto and will be a...

Charlie Scharf On Visa Europe, EMV Migration, Visa Checkout Evolution
May 24, 2016

JPMorgan’s annual Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference is being held this week, and on Monday (May 23), Visa CEO Charlie Scharf got a chance to present Visa’s point of view on four very strategic aspects of its roadmap: Visa Europe, China, EMV and digital...

Visa Checkout Beefs Up Presence In Travel, Hospitality And Dining
May 18, 2016

It would appear that old Visa slogan — “It’s everywhere you want to be” — is still alive in spirit, particularly as it pertains to the company’s online payments service. At Shoptalk yesterday (May 17), the company announced that a slew of new (and wide-ranging)...

Visa’s US Volume Soars — X-Border Lags
April 22, 2016

Visa beat on the top and bottom line yesterday, even as cross-border transactions posed some pretty strong headwinds. Visa’s CEO touted increasing payments volume and strong digital momentum and confirmed that the Visa Europe deal, though amended, is still on.