Security and Fraud

mPayment Security: How to Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
Jack Alton, Vice President of Sales at Kount, provides a perceptive look at how Kount, and their state of the art risk decision processing engine, are helping merchants minimize the risk of fraud, while maximizing the opportunity for sales.

Kount Lends Expert Insight Into Increasing Profitability While Reducing Fraud
Fraud protection that is as slick as today’s online shopping experience. Once upon a time, shopping online was more tedious than tantalizing.

Consumers’ Fraud Fears Hindering mPayment Adoption? – ThreatMetrix Survey
Increasingly, U.S. consumers are turning to new online technologies and social media tools to engage in a variety of transactions. While they may offer more convenience, they also pose potential risks to the security of personal information.

Why the Interest in EMV and Why Now? Gemalto Exec Offers Insight
What will it take here in the United States to turn EMV from a hot topic into a full-blown ignition inferno? And is the chip and PIN business case stronger for big banks or small FIs?

How First Data TransArmor Reduces the Scope – and Costs – of PCI DSS Compliance
Organizations who handle payment card data are obligated to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This whitepaper discusses how the TransArmor® solution can enable scope reduction, minimizing costs and effort of PCI compliance.

Retail Decisions Reports on How to Curb Global Payment Fraud
Given the explosive growth in online sales it’s no wonder criminals are attempting more fraudulent transactions online. Retail Decisions (ReD) suggests the right combination to fight fraud and stay one step ahead in their latest whitepaper.

ThreatMetrix on New Device ID Fraud Solutions
Device Identification, using a visitor’s computer to provide additional fraud prevention and authentication intelligence, remains the most effective first perimeter of defense to protect online transactions including payments, logins and registrations.

Has the EMV Revolution Arrived in America?  Leading Credit Union Weighs In
On the credit union front, State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU) became one of the first financial institutions to take the EMV plunge. spoke with Leanne Phelps, SECU’s Senior Vice President of Card Services, about the chicken-and-egg EMV riddle.

Fraudsters Take No Prisoners But Retail Decisions Can Strengthen Your Strategy for Prevention
Carl Clump, CEO of Retail Decisions, sits down with to share his wealth of knowledge and experience in strengthening fraud prevention strategies.

CyberSource 2011 Online Fraud Report -12th Annual Edition: Online Payment Fraud Trends, Merchant Practices and Benchmarks
For the second consecutive year, online merchants improved their fraud management performance – but at a cost. Organizations are finding it harder to address ongoing fraud threats in light of flat or declining budgets.

Delivering ROI for Customers Investing in Fraud Protection
With this week’s cyber attacks on Visa, MasterCard and other financial organizations, security is certainly on the mind of the payments community more than ever.

ThreatMetrix Study: Most Consumers Say Companies Are Failing to Fix Fraud Protection
A new study from ThreatMetrix and the Ponemon Institute shows 85% of consumers believe online fraud is a growing concern, yet only 12% believe companies are getting better at protecting their privacy.The ThreatMetrix report reveals how to gain consumer confidence.

First-Party Fraud: Why It’s More Expensive Than You May Think and What You Should Do About It
First-party fraud (FPF) — fraud committed by individuals, typically a financial institution’s own customers who have no intent to pay — is not a new issue, but it is extremely costly and more expensive than you may think.

Is it time for EMV in the U.S.?
In order to consider EMV for the United States, first it is important to understand what it is and how it works.

Making E-Commerce Safe And Profitable
The Merchant Risk Council (MRC) is putting the finishing touches on the inaugural European e-Commerce Payments and Risk Conference – focusing on helping online and multi-channel retailers improve their security and payment strategies while exploring specific operational solutions in fighting and mitigating online risk and fraud.

Locking Down the Future of Payment Security with Gemalto recently caught up with Ray Wizbowski, Director of Marketing Strategy at Gemalto. Ray is responsible for Gemalto’s North American communication strategy and engagement with industry thought leaders.

Global e-Commerce: How Merchants Can Grow Online Sales Without Losing Out To Fraudsters
The good news is that e-commerce has grown between 15% – 25% every year over the past 10 years. The strong growth trend in e-commerce is expected to continue for the next five years, with the potential of reaching US$1 trillion sales by 2011.

Improving Fraud Management for Issuers seeks advice from Dale Daley, Director of Strategic Risk Product Development at TSYS, and Colleen Ayres, a Senior Product Marketing Manager at SoundBite Communications.

First-Party Fraud: Why You Might Be at Risk
Cases of first-party fraud (FPF) — consumers who have fabricated an identity and have no intent to ever pay on their accounts — are on the rise, according to a recent TSYS White Paper. (Read report) Is your organization at risk?

The First Data TransArmor Solution: Tokenization Unlocks New Revenue
Tokenization is more than a security measure and more than a cost savings technique. It can be used to build your business. This white paper discusses the ways tokens can be used in back-end business operations to develop powerful marketing programs.

Industry Veteran Fighting eCommerce Fraud
The more we work together, the safer we’ll be. That’s the philosophy of Julie Fergerson, Ethoca’s new Vice President of Emerging Technologies.