The Apple App Store Goes On Sale
June 09, 2016

Some big changes are at hand for the Apple App Store, as multiple reports are emerging that Apple is looking in earnest for ways to wring more revenue out of it. Those reports also reflect a necessity for those more diverse revenue streams since, these...

UK Retailers Allowing Uncapped Apple Pay Transactions
June 06, 2016

Apple Pay should, theoretically, have an easier time of things in the U.K., where NFC-enabled payment terminals are far more common due to the prevalence of contactless cards. But it also seems to face a unique stumbling block as well. Contactless payments in the U.K...

The WWDC Preview: No Hardware But Maybe A New Use For Apple Pay
June 06, 2016

Apple‘s WWDC is about a week away, and the buzz machine is gearing up for what we can expect from the world’s biggest company’s big annual show for developers. Though getting a lot of coverage this year is not so much what will be at...

Apple’s India Ventures Face Setback
May 25, 2016

Apple may not be exempt from strict rules to open retail stores in India after all. An unnamed government official told Reuters Wednesday (May 25) that the iPhone maker must adhere to regulations that require foreign retailers to sell at least 30 percent locally sourced...

What Apple Really Sees In India
May 23, 2016

When Apple CEO Tim Cook used to talk about the market his company was focused on, it was all about China. Now, during a time when Apple has faced a few setbacks in that market, it appears there’s another major market Cook is now seeing...

Apple’s New In-Store Innovation? Trees.
May 20, 2016

Is the Apple Genius Bar to be supplanted by Genius Groves? Probably not. But at least at some Apple locations, consumers will be having a more arboreal experience. In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the opening of the first Apple store, Apple decided to...

Analysts Doubt Apple’s iPhone Sales Comeback
May 18, 2016

It seems Apple will not get a break in the less-than-cheery news cycle it’s been operating on as of late, as analysts refuse to budge on their dismal outlook for the tech giant. As Bloomberg reported earlier this week, analysts at Canaccord Genuity Inc. are...

Berkshire’s Billion-Dollar Bet On Apple
May 17, 2016

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has officially taken a stake worth more than $1 billion in Apple as of March 31, according to a regulatory filing. According to the filing, Berkshire owns 9.81 million in Apple Shares (worth $1.07 billion), which is noteworthy for a Buffett...

What Tim Cook’s China Visit Has To Do With Driverless Cars
May 16, 2016

After a disappointing run of earnings that showed a severely anemic performance in China last quarter, Apple’s announcement last week that it was buying a billion dollar share in a Chinese ride-sharing app currently in a far east turf war in Asia seemed like something...