Fast Food Now Even Faster In Portugal

Via Verde started out as a service that enabled its customers to pay for tolls in Portugal via a small box in their car that connected to their Via Verde account. The service was developed in 1991 by Brisa and grew exponentially from there.

After the success of their toll-payment service, Via Verde decided to expand their client base to customers outside the toll-payment scheme. It started with the ability to pay for parking in selected parking areas, which is now a service available at 94 locations in Portugal. The company also expanded to allow distance automated payments in selected Galp gas stations – at 98 locations today. Now Via Verde is trialing their service at three selected McDonald’s drive-thru outlets. You order your food as usual and simply pay by driving your car through a detector who credits your account – using the same system as for toll payments.

Via Verde’s technology is developed in-house and the identifiers and transmitters are supplied by Q-Free and Kapsh. In addition to payments, the Via Verde boxes also give access to certain closed historical neighborhoods in Portugal and private company parking spaces. The technology has existed since 1991 and is widely used in the country, so it might come as a surprise that it is not so widely known.



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