GoPago Founder: JPMorgan “Put a Bet On Us”

GoPago founder Leo Rocco is surprisingly explicit about where he’ll look for merchants: the Chase retail banking network. Yep, GoPago sees gold in Chase’s existing network of 5,500 branches that connect to small businesses. Hear more in this audio exclusive.


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Leo Rocco 
Founder & CEO, GoPago

GoPago is getting all brick and mortar businesses on the smart phone. Customers can now browse, order and pay for local goods and services, saying goodbye to waiting in line and moving through their daily transactions with ease. Using an iPad that connects to their existing point of sale system, businesses now know who their customers are, provide deals on what they really want, and reward loyalty as easily as sending an email.

Leo is responsible for defining the company strategy, partnerships and alliances, and sales. Prior to Pago, he was responsible for the global software sales relationship with IBM’s marquee technology customers; some of which include: Intel, Cisco, HP, Oracle and eBay. In this role, he led a globally distributed sales team which consistently exceeded sales expectations, while expanding IBM’s position as the leading provider of Rational software solutions that power the development of software applications. Prior to IBM, Leo held various leadership positions during his tenure at PTC (a leading provider in Product Lifecycle Mgmt Solutions), that spanned across the development, marketing, sales and services organizations. His responsibilities were focused on helping companies optimize their product development process, through the introduction of process optimization and technology. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and MIS at Kettering University in Michigan.

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